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Plan A Stakeholder Events

Listening, learning, responding and working in partnership is an important part of how we do business. The more engaged we are with our stakeholders, the more successful Plan A is likely to be.

Since we launched Plan A in January 2007 we have hosted a number of stakeholder events for key opinion formers, charity partners and other partners and stakeholders. We have run an annual Plan A Stakeholder Event every year since 2007. We also hold roundtables and workshops on specific topics as required throughout the year. 

We’re committed to continuing to provide opportunities for our stakeholders to feel engaged in the Plan A journey and to engage with us directly in order to:

  • Demonstrate that we are transparent and accountable on our performance – sharing lessons learned as a result of delivering sustainability in a large business
  • Get access to fresh ideas and perspectives on how we can move forwards and address new sustainability challenges
  • Provide stakeholders with sufficient knowledge of Plan A to be advocating it when speaking / writing on sustainability issues
We will provide a summary of our more notable Plan A events on this page.

Plan A Stakeholder Event 2016

The Event in Summary

The 6th July saw our Annual Plan A update take place, with Steve Rowe and Mike Barry joined by Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future) and Dominic Waughray (World Economic Forum), along with a number of other senior members of the M&S team. Watch a summary of the event below: 

We want to know what our stakeholders think about Plan A and how they can help us improve it. If you're interested in being invited to attend one of our future Plan A Stakeholder Events or would like to receive one of our newsletters please send an email to

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