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Love Food Hate Waste - 10 Sustainable Cities

The LFHW 10 Sustainable cities campaign has been running since August 2014. They identified 10 of the biggest cities outside of London to engage consumers on the issue of food waste. Here at M&S we are proud to sponsor Greater Manchester. The campaign kicked off with an event in the City Centre with the Liquid Green Machine showing how surplus fruit and vegetables can be made into delicious smoothies. The public were also asked to pledge to do one thing differently to reduce their food waste trying to change behaviour around food waste and work on WRAP target of halving household food waste. In store, staff engaged with our customers and handed out fresher for longer wheels to remind customers on how to store food effectively. 

love food

Festive Freeze

In December 2014, M&S partnered with Hubbub to run a #festivefreeze campaign. This encouraged consumers to freeze their leftovers at a time of year when food waste runs extra high. Resources included leftover recipe ideas as well as top tips. Find out more here and check out our blogs:

Cookery Classes 

Fed up with having to throw food in the bin?  Lacking inspiration in the kitchen?  Lots of leftovers but no idea what to do with them?  This summer/autumn we're running a series of cookery classes in Greater Manchester (delivered by Cracking Good Food) with the aim of reducing household food waste by teaching people how to cook delicious meals with the foods they've got.
For more information or to sign up please email

Salad Days and Little Lunches – Greater Manchester
Salad Days

If you want to get involved with either of these projects, get in touch with Charlotte:

Student Activity – Greater Manchester
Watch this space for upcoming student activity this autumn. More info to follow. Enquiries to Charlotte on