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The best job in the world…

06 October 2017


As an Ethical Trading Manager at M&S I think I have the best job in the world - highlights include world travel and 20% off the M&S pizza & prosecco deal! But let's be honest, when you tell someone you're an 'Ethical Trading Manager’ you're...READ MORE


05 September 2017


M&S is supporting British farming standards by becoming the first major retailer to sell RSPCA Assured fresh milkREAD MORE

World Water Week – Our Water Stewardship Journey

01 September 2017


This week marks the 27 th annual World Water Week – which brings together scientists, policy makers, businesses and charities to exchange ideas and foster new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges today.  At Marks & Spencer,...READ MORE

M&S and National Grid: a successful partnership for Demand Side Response

06 July 2017


As you would expect of a major high street retailer, M&S has hundreds of stores and many distribution centres and offices across the UK, all of which need a large amount of energy to operate and keep our business running. For example, it is key for...READ MORE

Cutting Back on Salt

22 March 2017


Th is week is the 17 th Annual Salt Awareness Week organised by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).  Since CASH first started Salt Awareness Week 17 there has been significant progress in salt reduction in food and in the diet of the UK...READ MORE

Now there is even more reason for business to stand up for Human rights

20 March 2017


The first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark  launched this week, benchmarking the Human Rights performance of 98 of the world’s biggest businesses in Apparel, Agriculture and ICT. It originated from Investor and civil societies’ wish to answer a...READ MORE

Is a Gluten Free diet unhealthy?

14 March 2017


Gluten free diets have come under scrutiny again today following the presentation of a new research from America.  The researchers have suggested a diet lower in gluten may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.   The Harvard University...READ MORE

Recognition for our leading approach to farm animal welfare

13 February 2017


Here at Marks & Spencer we care deeply about the welfare of the farm animals in our food supply chain. We know that animal welfare is important to our customers and so we’ve evolved our approach over many years to ensure that the farmers that supply...READ MORE

Using fewer antibiotics in agriculture

06 February 2017


There has been a lot written in the media recently about antibiotic resistance and as a result antibiotic use in agriculture is firmly in the spotlight.  Just as you’d expect, we work hard to ensure that our farmers are responsible in the way that...READ MORE

Announcing the ‘M&S Energy Community Energy Fund’ 2016 Judge’s Prize Winners

24 November 2016


As M&S Energy Operations Manager, it’s been so great to be involved for the second year in a row with the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund, which launched this summer. It’s been a tough job to decide, but we have just announced the 26 winners for this year. READ MORE


07 October 2016


I was interested, but not surprised, to read a BBC report today about falling levels of Omega 3 in farmed salmon. The industry has been under increasing pressure in recent years. Cost squeezes as a result of a fiercely competitive supermarket sector,...READ MORE

Essex Region - the Pride of M&S

05 October 2016


This year M&S stores across Essex worked as one to make a difference for colleagues, customers and their local communities, Sparking Something Good through fundraising and volunteering as part of M&S’s Plan A commitments. On September 22 nd Essex...READ MORE