Recruitment fraud warning

Beware bogus recruitment emails claiming to be from M&S

It’s come to our attention that people are being contacted with false job offers claiming to be from M&S. This is usually through unsolicited emails that ask for personal information or even money in exchange for processing a job application. This is a scam. We take this very seriously and will be taking further action to prevent it. In the meantime, here’s how you can avoid becoming a victim.

How do I know if it’s a fraudulent email?

If you haven’t applied to M&S
M&S never makes employment offers through unsolicited emails. If you get
an email but haven’t applied for a job, it is fraudulent.

If you’re asked for money
M&S never asks for money as part of the application process. A request
to transfer funds is a sure sign of attempted fraud. Do not send money under
any circumstances.

If you’re asked for inappropriate personal information
The perpetrators may ask for personal information such as your address,
CV, passport number, bank details, etc. They may use this information
for identity fraud.

If they insist on urgency
Perpetrators will often demand urgent action. Make sure you take the time
to stop and think.

What should I do?

Do not respond
If you’re in any doubt about the source of an email, do not respond. Contact and we will confirm if the email is fraudulent
or not.

Contact M&S
If you receive a fraudulent email, we’d be grateful if you could forward it to our recruitment team so we can investigate:
Please do not alter the email in any way before sending it on.


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