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04 November 2009


Marks & Spencer announces today that it is to sell a selected range of around 400 branded grocery & household products in all* of its UK stores, following a successful 16 month trial in its stores in the North East and South East of England.

The range of ambient products will be rolled out to M&S stores over the next year, starting this month with additional stores in the trial areas, and expanding into other regions from January 2010.

Each M&S store will offer an edited selection of the range chosen according to its size, starting from around 50 products in smaller stores up to the full range of around 400 products in M&S’ largest stores. Pricing is key – all of the branded products have been price matched against the major supermarkets.

The branded products have been specifically chosen with customer convenience in mind and to complement M&S’ existing high quality, own-label products. No M&S products will be de-listed or replaced.

The offer will focus on brand-dominated categories where M&S would typically have a low market share such as soft drinks, confectionery, beer, laundry, personal care, and pet food; or on filling gaps where M&S has no own brand equivalent.

Sir Stuart Rose, M&S Chairman said: “Our trials have shown us that an edited selection of branded grocery and household products has a place at Marks & Spencer. Our customers are at the heart of this decision – they lead increasingly busy lives so buying those essential, must-have branded products at M&S will help save them time. It will be so much more for convenient for our customers to get what they need from M&S rather than having to go elsewhere.

”John Dixon, Executive Director of Food, said: “My team and I are focused on delivering the best that M&S Food can offer – innovative products that provide unbeatable quality and great value. But there are some products that we could simply never compete with, like Marmite and Kit Kat, and other areas where, whilst we have a great M&S equivalent, the leading brand dominates the market. Adding the nation’s favourite brands to our mix offers our customers more choice and strengthens our position as the UK’s leading quality food retailer.

”The range of branded grocery products available at M&S will include Coca-Cola, Marmite, Kelloggs and Heinz. Household products will include Fairy, Pantene and Persil.


For more information, please contact:

Clare Wilkes M&S Corporate Press 0208 71 88642

Notes to Editors


  • *Includes all wholly owned Marks & Spencer stores in the UK and ROI. Excludes Simply Food travel franchise stores operated with SSP and Moto.


  • M&S Simply Food stores operated by BP Connect already offer a range of both M&S and branded products.


  • Branded products are currently available in 54 M&S stores in the North East and South East of England. The trial started in 19 stores in the North East in June 2008 and was extended to 22 stores in the South East in March 2009. It was also recently extended 13 further stores in the south east, including Bluewater and Westfield London.


  • The branded products currently on offer in the trial stores are: Absolut; Atora Suet; Alldays; Always; Anadin; Aquafresh; Archers; Ariel; Aussie; Bacardi; Baileys Irish Cream; Bakers Pet Food; Becks; Beechams; Bells; Benylin; Bisto; Bold; Bombay Saphire; Bonio; Bonne Maman; Bounty; Bovril; Branston; Budweiser; Cadburys; Canderel; Capri-Sun; Carling; Catsan; Cesar; CIF; Cillit Bang; Cobra; Coca Cola; Colgate; Colmans English Mustard; Comfort; Corsodyl; Croft Original; Crunchie; Dettol; Dove; Elastoplast; Fairy; Fanta; Febreze; Felix; Finish; Fixodent; Flake; Flash; Fosters; Galaxy; Gaviscon; Gillette; Go Cat; Gordon's; Guinness; Harveys Bristol Cream; Head & Shoulders; Heinz; Hellmanns; Herbal Essences; Horlicks; HP Sauce; Hula Hoops; Immodium; J2O; Jack Daniels; Jacobs Cream Crackers; Jamesons ; John Smiths; Johnnie Walker; Jumbone; Kelloggs; Kit Kat; Knorr; Kronenboug 1664; Lea & Perrins; Leffe Blonde; Lemsip; Lenor; Listerine; Lucozade; Magners; Malibu; Maltesers; Marmite; Mars; Martell; Martini; Mini Cheddars; Minstrels; Morgan Spiced; Mr Muscle; Nescafe; Cheerios; Newcastle Brown Ale; Nurofen; Nutella; Oasis; Old Speckled Hen; Optrex; Oral B; Oust; Panadol; Pantene; Pedigree; Penguin; Peroni; Persil; Pimms; Piriteze; PG Tips; Quavers; Radox; Raid; Red Bull; Rennie; Revels; Ribena; Ritz; Robinsons; Ryvita; Savlon; Schmackos; Schweppes; Sensodyne; Seven Seas; Sheba; Shredded Wheat; Silvikrin; Skittles; Smirnoff; Snickers; Southern Comfort; Special K; Stella Artois; Steradent; Strepsils; Strongbow; Sudafed; Sure; Tabasco; Tampax; Tetley; Tia Maria; Timeout; Twirl; Twix; Vanish; Vaseline; Veet; Walkers; Weetabix; Whiskas; Wispa; Wrigleys; Yorkshire Tea


  • Price comparison:

 Branded Product Price   M&S Product  Price
 Bells Whisky 70cl  £12.00  M&S Whisky 70cl  £10.19
 Smirnoff Red Label 70cl  £12.49  M&S Vodka 70cl  £12.19
 Gordon’s Gin 70cl  £12.51  M&S Gin 70cl  £11.99
 Coca Cola 2ltr  £1.56  M&S Cola 2ltr  83p
 Kellog’s Crunchy Nut 500g  £2.17  M&S Honey Nut Flake 375g  £1.49
Nescafe Original 200g £4.44 M&S Café Granules 200g £3.49
PG Tips x80 £1.79 M&S Red Label x80 £1.30
Walkers multi-pack x6 £1.28 M&S Crisp multi-pack x6 99p
Heinz Ketchup 570g £2.03 M&S Tomato Ketchup 440g 81p
Finish Dishwasher Tablets x30 £7.00 M&S Dishwasher Tablets x28 £3.99


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