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06 November 2006

Dame Shirley Bassey Is M&S Special Guest This Christmas

Marks & Spencer launches its new Christmas advertising campaign on Wednesday 8 November 2006, with a spectacular new TV ad starring the legendary Shirley Bassey alongside the existing 'team' of five famous names who have featured in the retailer's campaigns over the past year - Twiggy, Erin O'Connor, Laura Bailey, Noemie Lenoir and Lizzy Jagger.

The ad is filmed in the spy-movie genre which sees the five women act as undercover agents called to an exciting assignment. Their mission, it turns out, is to attend an exclusive performance by Dame Shirley at a glamorous Christmas party. Dame Shirley also provides the soundtrack to the fast paced 90 second ad which is a specially re-worked version of Pink's 'Get the Party started'.

Steven Sharp, Marketing Director, Marks & Spencer said: "We wanted a really glam, gorgeous feel to the tv ad this year and who better to team up with our very stylish 'famous five' than the ultimate British music and style icon, Shirley Bassey. It's a real all singing, all dancing ad with every element of Christmas you could possible imagine from party dresses to reindeer to champagne."

The ad opens on a shot of Erin in the middle of a photoshoot by Tower Bridge , wearing a stylish Russian-style white coat and boots. Her ringing phone is handed to her by an assistant and a Russian accented voice is heard saying simply: 'Be there'. The scene switches to Noemie lounging on her bed in stunning lingerie set reading a spy novel. Her personal organiser beeps and she reads the message - "The date is set."

The film then cuts to Twiggy sitting at a table in an ultra stylish restaurant wearing an elegant skirt, and velvet jacket. A phone is brought to her - she listens intently, glancing surreptitiously around the restaurant and nodding. We realise that something is about to happen.

Suddenly three skidoos burst into a snowy landscape, pelting along until they pull up outside a magical ice hotel where the three riders dismount - Lizzie in a white padded jacket, whilst Erin and Noemie are in black leather. A sled drawn by a team of reindeer also stops outside the hotel entrance and is revealed to be carrying Twiggy, in furry winter coat, along with Laura Bailey in a furry hat and coat. The shot then shows the women each in their respective hotel rooms preparing for a glamorous evening out.

Once ready they make a dramatic entrance descending the ice staircase of the hotel to the bar - Erin wearing an elegant black lace gown, Noemie in a floor length black dress, Laura in a floaty chiffon dress, Twiggy in figure hugging silver dress and Lizzie in skinny jeans and silver lace strapless top. A spotlight suddenly sweeps the room catching everyone's attention and hits the stage. Looking stunning in a scarlet red satin gown is Shirley Bassey. As she bursts into song the audience spontaneously applaud. The camera pans out as the party really gets started!

The closing shot shows an exterior of the hotel with the night sky spectacularly lit up with fireworks which read "From Your M&S With Love".

The TV ad will launch at 7.45 p.m on Wednesday 8 November and run until 12 December. It will also be supported by in-store activity.


For further information, stills or copy of the advertisement please contact:
Tania Littlehales, 020 8718 2098/07785 395199
Clare Wilkes, 020 8718 8642/07831 829891

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