Shareholder vouchers

We currently send a booklet of Spend and Save vouchers to our shareholders each year. Unlike other companies, there is currently no minimum holding requirement to qualify.  You just need to be a shareholder at the qualifying date prior to distribution, this is normally the dividend record date prior to the January dividend mailing. At Marks & Spencer we pride ourselves on our service and we believe in making things as straight forward as possible.  Therefore, if your shares are registered in your name there is no need to do anything. We simply send the vouchers to you with your January dividends.

In some instances we do have to send the vouchers in a separate mailing.  However, this is normally because the shareholder has shares registered in more than one account.

Beneficial shareholders who hold shares in nominee companies, or via a stock broker, are also invited to participate. However, we have no sight of their contact details and we have to rely on the nominee company or stock broker taking up our invitation to participate. If you fall into this category and would like to receive shareholder vouchers, please contact your Nominee Company/Stock Broker.