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Shareholder Vouchers

We currently send a booklet of Spend and Save vouchers to our shareholders each year.  Unlike other companies, there is currently no minimum holding requirement to qualify, you simply need to be a shareholder as at the qualifying date prior to distribution.  This is normally the dividend record date prior to the January dividend mailing.  At Marks & Spencer, we pride ourselves on our service and we believe in making things as straight forward as possible.  Therefore, if your shares are registered in your name there is no need to do anything.  We simply send the vouchers to you enclosed with your January dividend documentation.

However, in some instances we do have to send the vouchers in a separate mailing; although this is normally because the shareholder has shares registered in more than one account.

Beneficial owners of shares held in nominee accounts, or via a stock broker, are also invited to participate. However, we do not have access to the contact details of these individuals and have to rely on the nominee company or stock broker taking up our invitation to participate.  If you fall into this category and would like to receive shareholder vouchers, please contact your Nominee Company/Stock Broker directly.

Enfranchising Beneficial Shareholders

We currently send M&S Café and Spend & Save vouchers (the 'vouchers') to shareholders each year. The vouchers provide shareholders with discounts on purchases in M&S stores and online (where possible) during a fixed offer period. There are two ways for nominees to participate on behalf of investors in M&S:

1. M&S Dispatch:

Provide details (via secure protocol) of the names and addresses of your beneficial shareholders to our Registrar, Equiniti, so that the vouchers can be dispatched on your behalf.

2. Self Service:

If you prefer, send the vouchers to your clients yourself. M&S will supply you with the appropriate number of vouchers for you to mail to your beneficial shareholders.

If you wish to participate in the scheme using either of the above options you must register via a website, details of which are included in a letter of invitation, sent each November.

Finding the right person to contact within a nominee company is an area where we often experience difficulty. The only information we have access to is the nominee's name and address, as these appear on the share register. It would be most helpful if you were able to provide details of a contact at your nominee company with whom we can engage to ensure that we can include your clients. If you represent a nominee company and would like to take part in this year's scheme, please email your full nominee name, as it appears on the share register together with your contact email address to the following:

Please note: No correspondence, other than that specified above, will be accepted at the email address given. In addition, this email address is not to be used for the purpose of serving information or documents on the company.

Distributed to all shareholders whose names were recorded in the Marks & Spencer share register on the dividend record date, Thursday 17 November 2016.  As in previous years, these were enclosed in the January dividend mailing.

Through the support of nominee companies and stock brokers we were again able to extend the voucher scheme to include many beneficial owners of shares held in nominee accounts.  Please note that participation is at the nominees' discretion and not all choose to do so.  Shareholders who are unsure as to whether their stock broker or nominee company participates in the voucher scheme should contact them directly.

For more information about the shareholder vouchers please see our FAQ, which you can access by clicking here.