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Equiniti Payment Plus

The Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme (“the Scheme”) was developed by Equiniti in partnership with M&S and was introduced in 2015.  The Scheme offers our shareholders the opportunity to use some or all of their dividend payment to purchase credit on an ‘M&S Shareholder Card’ at a 10% discount.  This card can then be used for purchases in M&S's UK stores or online.  Participation in the Scheme is by application and is entirely optional, so if you wish to continue receiving your dividends in the usual manner you need take no further action.

More information, including FAQs and details about how to join the scheme, are available on Equiniti’s website, which you can access by clicking here.

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to include the beneficial owners of shares held in nominee accounts in the scheme.  This is because the names and address details of these individuals are held by their chosen nominee company and not by Equiniti, who own and operate the scheme. Since Equiniti do not have access to this information, they are unable to include people whose shares are held in this way in the mailing.

We recognise that the scheme will appeal to many people whose shares are held in nominee accounts and we would very much like them to take part.  Therefore, once the scheme is up and running and we fully understand the operational challenges it poses, we will work with nominee companies to try and identify a solution that will allow their clients to participate in future years.  

Please note that a prerequisite for any future extension of the scheme to include beneficial owners will be the cooperation of the nominee companies, some of which may have legitimate, commercial reasons for not wanting to participate.